awkward silence, Uuh...

01/Here we go again

I thought waking up in a goo cocoon was weird, but... I've been reading the past couple of days, and it seems like that was about the most normal thing to happen so far.

Right, it seems like I used to be here. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I don't remember that so please treat me like a newcomer. I'm Fullmetal, nice to meet everyone?
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Looking for help

First, if anyone is missing a dog... like thing, I think I've found it. I'm not sure what species this is, but he has a pretty big mouth and a spade shape on the end of his tail.

More importantly, I'd like to recruit some scavengers for a project I've got planned. I need a lot of building materials, specifically:
- At least decent quality wood
- Metal piping
- Glass
- Wiring
- Scrap metal

If you'd be interested, I'd like to talk about specific amounts and wages.
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[Edit now with 100% more writing description - ooc: There are several ink blots on the page, and the writing is larger and messier than usual, although vaguely recognizable as Fullmetal's.]

This place certainly has a sense of humour...

If there are any new arrivals who are still looking for jobs, I hope you'll consider working as a journal maker. It's not such a bad job, and you get to live in section three!

... maybe I should really try that glitter.

[ooc: Fullmetal is, appropriately, stuck in a scaled down version of his blood seal armour. Since the original armour is 7'3", let's say it shrunk down to his height so he can at least, you know, move properly and use his hands.]
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(no subject)

Kitty, those were some... interesting pictures. Maybe next time just take a shot of the face?

Due to a lot of shifting around with employees, I'm now in charge of the journal makers. If you're interested in working there, please let me know over the journals or come to the Paper Factory island during the day. We're a little low on staff right now, if you've got the patience and skill to make journals please consider it!

Also, welcome to Range and Code!
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better late than never

Bridge, thanks for looking after the cats for me, I hope they weren't too much of a hassle? I can come and get them from you.

I'm sorry for not writing sooner, I was pretty tired after the evacuation and ants.

[ooc: I'm guessing he and Snap might have encountered one or two ants. Anyway, I'm using the excuse, 'lol, he passed out :B' for why he's been fairly quiet.]